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Medina Valley ISD Comprehensive Counseling Program


G&C Department Program Goal 

Medina Valley Professional School Counselors will maintain a balanced schedule by ensuring that a minimum of 80% of daily tasks are aligned with the four components of a Comprehensive School Counseling Program.  


  • District Mission Statement
  • Medina Valley Independent School District will provide its students with a superior and diverse education that inspires excellence, promotes accountability and values, and encourages all students to achieve their highest potential.

G&C Mission Statement

The Medina Valley Comprehensive School Counseling Program provides all students with accessible and developmentally appropriate services that nurture effective communication skills, embrace diversity, inspire achievement, and promote safety and wellness. 

Program Definition 

Medina Valley Professional School Counselors work with students, parents/guardians, educators, and community members to foster students’ developmentally appropriate personal, social, academic, and career competencies. Program services are provided through Guidance Curriculum to teach lifelong skills; Individual Planning to help students with their personal goal-setting; Responsive Services to assist them with personal concerns; and System Support to fully utilize other school and community resources in support of their holistic development.

Program Rationale

The Medina Valley School Counseling Program is an equal partner in the educational process of all students. Students benefit through their participation in the comprehensive school counseling program in the following ways:

  • Help children develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to become competent and confident learners. Meet students’ needs through prevention, early identification and intervention.
  • Promotes a rigorous academic curriculum and prepares students for those related challenges through the acquisition of educational, career, and enhanced personal/social knowledge and skills. 
  • Assists students in relating educational programs to future success. 
  • Monitor and utilize student data for school improvement.
  • Implement concepts and techniques related to human development regarding maturation, learning, change, career, and interactional skills.

Program Assumptions 

The Medina Valley Comprehensive School Counseling Program is based in the following assumptions regarding professional staff, conditions, and resources: 

Professional Staff.

  • School counselors are fully certified by the State Board for Educator Certification and have the special training needed to carry out specialized job assignments.
  • The school counselors job description is in alignment with the Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs. 
  • The school counselor will maintain respectful, collaborative, and cooperative relationships
  • Maintain a counselor-to-student ratio that is adequate to fully implement all components of the comprehensive school counseling program.
  • School counselors have access to job related professional development to support their continued professional growth.


  • Professional and private environment for the delivery of counseling services. 
  • Counseling spaces are located away from the school’s administrative complex in order to communicate a clear separation of functions.
  • Students have access to school counselors and school counselors have access to students for the delivery of counseling services.


  • Alignment of campus counseling department budgets to the annual program goals that provide direction for counseling activities.
  • Development of a district level counseling department budget to support a district-wide counseling program initiatives and activities.